happypet Bamboo Puzzle Large Bird Toy

happypet Bamboo Puzzle Large Bird Toy
Brand: happypet
Product Code: 45838
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happypet Bamboo Puzzle Large Bird Toy


Large Wooden Toys provide feathered friends with a great source of healthy and safe entertainment, boredom breaking toys. Designed to stimulate birds with bright colours, unusual shapes and bells they will encourage physical activity to help keep the healthy.

All Natural Activity Centre.. 

A 100% natural combination of bamboo and sisal rope for your bird to perch, play and chew.

Encourages healthy chewing  and foraging instincts.

Keeping Birds Active..

  • Stimulates the senses.
  • Helps prevent unwanted feather plucking.
  • Natural and safe, non-toxic colourings.
  • Measurements: 63cm/24.75inch 

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