(OTODEX) Veterinary Ear Drops 14ml

(OTODEX) Veterinary Ear Drops 14ml
Brand: Otodex
Product Code: 40561
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(OTODEX) Veterinary Ear Drops 14ml

Ear Drops solution for dogs and cats..
For the treatment of ear irritation and otitis externa caused or complicated by infection in dogs and cats. Clinical trials have demonstrated that Otodex Verterinary Ear Drops are effective in the treatment of the ear mite Otodectes cynotis in the dog and cat although none of the components of Otodex Verterinary Ear Drops has recognised acaricidal activity.

  • Fast acting.
  • Clears wax.
  • Relieves scratching.
  • Kills mites.
  • Active Ingredients: Phenoxyethanol 1.0%w/w, Chlorobutanol Hemlhydrate 1.1% w/w, in a propylene Glycol base.

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