(Soft Protection) Salon Flea Comb (All Pets)

(Soft Protection) Salon Flea Comb (All Pets)
Brand: Rosewood
Product Code: 23863
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(Soft Protection) Salon Flea Comb (All Pets)

Soft Protection Salon is a full range of high quality grooming products for cats and dogs. The range comprises of a full selection of brushes, combs, slickers, massage and manicure products.


  • A distinctive ergonomic thumb grip allowing the groomer comfort and ease whilst grooming their pet.
  • Suitable for both professional groomers and pet owners with tips and recommendations for grooming on the unique informative packaging.
  • Flea removing should be a regular part of your pet's grooming and is important for your pet's well-bieng.
  • Effective comb for removing fleas, nits and debris.
  • Ideal for all pets.
  • Ergonomic hand grip.


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