(Feeding Time) Wild Bird Squirrel Proof Nut Lantern

(Feeding Time) Wild Bird Squirrel Proof Nut Lantern
Brand: Rosewood
Product Code: 40009
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(Feeding Time) Wild Bird Squirrel Proof Nut Lantern

By buying this feeder and feeding wild birds you will be helping to save lives, and in return you will experience the pleasure of attracting some of our many beautiful birds ino your garden.

Many people not only want a feeder that squireels won't destroy but also one that actually prevents them and larger nuisance birds like pigeons from taking food in the first place. This powder-coated lantern does this and is both strong and attractive.

The closure caps are also designed to be secure against squirrels but easy for us.

Feeding wild birds is now recommended all year round, as is offering different foods and placing a number of feeders in different parts of the garden.

Feeding Time feeders make this easier by being functional and great value.


  • Secure and easy to fill top.
  • Prevents squirrels and larger birds from taking peanuts.
  • Allows smaller birds to feed in safety.
  • Tough, steel construction with durable finish.
  • Approximate size: Height 10" Diameter 6"

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