(HALTI) Head Collar & Link For Dogs Size 3 (Black)

(HALTI) Head Collar & Link For Dogs Size 3 (Black)
Brand: Halti
Product Code: 16616
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(HALTI) Head Collar & Link For Dogs Size 3 (Black)

HALTI - The headcollar for kind control, designed by Dr Roger Mugford.
Leads the way to better behaved pets.

  • Stops pulling.
  • Simplifies training.
  • Corrects misbehaviours.
  • Guides the head so the body will follow.
  • Calms and allows freedom to pant.
  • Unique on-off action can close biters' jaws.
  • Quick release buckle on adjustable collar
  • Noseband positioned clear of the eyes
  • Lead ring
  • Fixed angle for a secure and comfortable fitting

Choosing the right size for your dog.

Note: Bitches and young dogs may need a size smaller.

Size Breed
Size 0 Toy Poodle,Yorkie
Size 1 Border Terrier,Jack Russell,Cairn,Cavalier K.C,Corgi,
  Std Dachshund,Sheltie,Westie,Whippet.
Size 2 Basenji,Beagle,Border Collie,Buhund,Cockers,Rough Collie,
  Saluki,Samoyed,Staffie and Std Poodle.
Size 3 Afghan,Airedale,Boxer,Briard,Chow Chow,Dalmation,
Size 4 Bernese M.D,Bull Mastif,Great Dane,Newfoundland,Pyrenean,
Size 5 Bloodhound,Large Danes,Mastiff,St Bernard.

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