(Reflective) Soft Protection Paws Dog Harness (Medium) (Red)

(Reflective) Soft Protection Paws Dog Harness (Medium) (Red)
Brand: Reflective
Product Code: 16563
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(Reflective) Soft Protection Paws Dog Harness (Medium) (Red)

Soft Protection is the original strong, and best single colour range of nylon padded collars, leads, harnesses and chain leads. Designed with quality and comfort in mind for both dog and owner.
The padding is designed to reduce the amount of friction on the dogs neck caused by excessive pulling. The cushion also reduces slippage prevalent when nylon becomes wet.

  • The benefit of a properly used harness is that it gives total control over the dog's shoulders and thus sets the direction in which he can move.
  • The specially padded design is extremely comfortable for the dog to wear and is suitable for all breeds of dog.
  • Bringing additional comfort to your dog with its padded breast straps. 
  • The Reflective paw design to the harness is designed to maximise the visibilty and safety of the dog when out in the dark. 

Choosing the correct size for your dog.

The harness is adjustable and the breed/size chart is for guidance only.

Size Breed
Small 5/8" Jack Russell, Yorkshire Terrier
Medium ¾" Border Collie, Cavalier & Springer Spaniel
Large 1" German Shepherd
Extra Large 1¼" Mastiff, Rottweiler

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