(Rosewood) Cheese Treat Ball (Medium) (Assorted Colours)

(Rosewood) Cheese Treat Ball (Medium) (Assorted Colours)
Brand: Rosewood
Product Code: 39964
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(Rosewood) Cheese Treat Ball (Medium) (Assorted Colours)

Hours of fun and  exercise..
The Treat Ball is a special toy which can provide fun and healthy exercise for your dog, utilising excess energy AND stimulating your dogs natural instincts and stimulates its senses and mind. You will have a happier and more contented animal, with less risk of developing behavioural problems originating from fear, aggression or boredom.

  • All you have to do is catch your dogs interest by rolling the ball on the ground so that some dry dog treats come out.
  • These treats will then become an incentive or attraction to your dog.
  • Safe, non-toxic & easy to clean.
  • Adjustable opening allows different size dog treats.
  • Hours of fun & exercise.
  • Dimensions Approximately: Diameter 4.5".

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