(The Company Of Animals) Baskerville Deluxe Dog Muzzle (Size 7)

(The Company Of Animals) Baskerville Deluxe Dog Muzzle (Size 7)
Brand: The Company Of Anima
Product Code: 16630
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(The Company Of Animals) Baskerville Deluxe Dog Muzzle (Size 7)

Even the best behaved dog sometimes needs the protection of a muzzle which is why the comfort and welfare of the wearer has been the first priority in designing the Baskervile.The comfortable muzzle for all-round protection that lets your dog pant and drink.
Recommended by Dr Roger Mugford.

  • The Baskerville muzzle can be a responsible first step towards resolving behavioural problems.
  • It not only provides security for those moments of crisies and is ideal fo dogs required to wear a muzzle under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 but it is also a useful aid for the protection of wounds and the preservation of valuables if you have a destructive dog.
  • Lightweight & flexible.
  • Fully Washable.
  • Lets your dog pant and drink.

Size Guidline Chart.

Size Breed Example
Size 1 Minature
Size 2 Minature
Size 3 Dachshund
Size 4 Westie
Size 5 Corgi
Size 6 Beagle
Size 7 Springer Spaniel
Size 8 Labrador
Size 9 GSD
Size 10 Great Dane
Wide Fit
Size 12 Boxer/Pitbull
Size 13 Rottweiler
Flex to fit
Ultra Spring/GSD
15 Boxer/SBT
16 Rottweiler/Mastiff


These sizes are for guidance only.

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