(ROTASTAK) Rainbow Runner (21804)

(ROTASTAK) Rainbow Runner (21804)
Brand: Rotastak
Product Code: 33685
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(ROTASTAK) Rainbow Runner (21804)

The complete living environment for hamsters, gerbils or mice..
Rotastak allows you to build a complete and extendable world for your pet, by joining together the various homes, extensions and accessories in any combination you choose - the system can just grow with your imagination!

  • In this way, you can keep your pet exercised and amused with an endless variety of new tunnels, mazes and activities.
  • A fully compatible range that's flexible and fun!
  • This Rotastak runner unit should be used in conjunction with a Rotastak Starter or 'Maxi' Unit, and is not a complete hamster home on its own.
  • Easily adapted for mice and gerbils.
  • Quality housing for small animals.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Flexible and fun.
  • Fully compatible with the rest of the Rotastak range.
  • Not suitable for baby animals.
  • Please note: Rotastak is not suitable as a breeding unit.
  • Bedding and food not included.
  • Colour components may vary slightly from shown.
  • Instruction guide.

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