(Boredom Breakers) Chill 'N' Chew Mat

(Boredom Breakers) Chill 'N' Chew Mat
Brand: Boredom Breakers
Product Code: 37038
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(Boredom Breakers) Chill 'N' Chew Mat

Ideal for Rabbits, Guines pigs, Chinchillas, Dehus, Rats and Ferrets.
This woven water hyacinth mat is naturally soft, so makes a great cover for harsh wire or solid floors and shelves.


  • It's 100% glue and staple free so it's also safe to nibble!
  • A naturally soft pad for pets to lie on or nibble.
  • Made from natural water hyacinth and rattan.
  • No glues or staples.
  • Steam treated.
  • Approximate Size: 31 x 23cm.

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