(Boredom Breakers) Chill 'N' Snooze Bed

(Boredom Breakers) Chill 'N' Snooze Bed
Brand: Boredom Breakers
Product Code: 27925
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(Boredom Breakers) Chill 'N' Snooze Bed

Ideal for Rabbits, Guines pigs, Chinchillas, Dehus, Rats and Ferrets.

This woven water hyacinth and rattan bed is naturally soft and warm and makes for a snuggly nest when filled with your pet's favourite bedding.
It's 100% glue and staple free so it's also safe to nibble!

  • A naturally soft bed for pets to sleep in.
  • Keeps home tidier by holding bedding in one place.
  • Made from natural water hyacinth and rattan.
  • No glues or staples.
  • Steam treated.
  • Approximate Size: Base 28 x 21cm
  • Approximate Size: Upper 32 x 24.5 x 13cm.

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